My old friend.

My memory says we first met on a warm summer day when I was about four years old. We were trying to scorch ants with a magnifying glass and he kept getting in the way.

Over the years his presence in my life means more and more to me. His greatest gift — always being the first one to show up after I go through a time of darkness.

When we’re hanging out, he seems content to let me carry the conversation. And if I get lost in thought, he patiently, silently walks stride by stride in my journey.

As opportunities arise , he humbly shifts positions and allows me to receive the spotlight.  He’s also got a knack of reminding me who I am, without getting distracted by fine details.

He coaches me to stand tall and embrace each new day, as I take my first morning steps away from sunrise.  And in late evening, he is quick to disappear, knowing the value of a good night’s rest.

Did I mention I ran into him today? After a couple weeks apart, when I saw him in front of me, he quickly returned my wave.

He’s a good dude.

I’m pretty sure, in my final days, as I slowly walk into the warm sunset… he’ll be right behind me… my old friend.


P.S.  This morning, after two weeks of smoke-filled skies, I stood still… eyes closed… facing the sun… feeling warmth… deeply breathing in clean air.  I felt renewed.

For those facing ongoing adversity much greater than mine, know your sun will shine again. Believe in better!

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