we choose.

It’s early Sunday morning.  The sun is bright.  The wind is brisk.  It’s a sweater day — even if you’re a puppy on a walk.

His tail swings in rhythm, two beats for every step. Ears flopping with each bounce, eyes bright, he takes in everything the day offers. It’s a daily routine, but he loves it just the same. No need to rush and tug… a leather leash dangles softly off his collar, forming a soft “U”.

Her left hand gently grips the other end. More than eighty years of life weakens her frame, head leaning forward toward the ground, leaving her shoulders atop her body.  At just over four feet tall, she too is in a sweater.  Her gait is slow, but steady.  

I wonder what it’s like. Nearing the end of life. Always looking down. The floor. The sidewalk. The street. Straining to see into the periphery.

I feel sad for her. What would it be like if she could stand straight again?  How happy would she be?   

As I walk past the pair, I feel ashamed for judging.

Wrinkles radiate from the corner of her eyes… folds in her cheeks tell a lifelong story… of smiling. Even now, her expression forms a soft, tender grin as she quietly chats with her pal.


We can choose. 

We can choose joy.  We can choose to feel the connection to our puppy, guiding our path.  We can choose to listen for a dangling metal dog tag, chiming next to us.  We can choose to pull the cool morning air deep into our lungs.

Life is full of obstacles. But nothing takes away our right, or ability, to choose. We can choose to not only hear, but listennot only feel, but experiencenot only see, but observenot only exist, but embrace.

Enjoy your choice. 

And, keep Believing in Better! 




4 thoughts on “we choose.

  1. I love this insight. Often I need to remind myself of this little fact. Not today though…I followed my big puppy on a walk gazing at the beautiful pink sunrise and wondering about the birds and ducks he scared into flight. How amazing to live a life where we gt to choose happiness! Thanks David. Good job reminding people!


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