Living a life, between…

For months, I’ve been preoccupied with an odd, sad emotion. It seems everywhere I turn, people judge others.  Winners or losers, right or wrong…  and most commonly, who takes blame for anything less than perfect (‘cause it surely wasn’t my fault!).   

I just don’t see life as that simple… as this, or that.  Honestly, I hope I never do.

I view life more like a sunrise. winter-2080070_1920     

At some point between the blackness of midnight and the brightness of noon… brilliant orange, yellow, and red explodes onto the horizon. That’s where I want to live…

  • Between moving backward, or going forward… being right here
  • Between the past, and my future… in this moment.
  • Between my huge aspirations, and nearly constant self-doubt… o.k. with my best self.
  • Between leading, and other times following…  being present for others
  • Between the noise of the world, and the silence in my breath… listening for harmony.
  • Between all, or nothing…  appreciating enough.
  • Between winning, and losing…  growing.
  • Between here, and there… embracing a journey.

To live a life of significance, we owe it to ourselves, and everyone around us, to recognize that the brightest colors, closest connections, and richest moments are rarely at the extremes. Rather, we’ll find them… between.

Keep Believing in Better!

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