be perfectly impatient.

I sit typing, sipping java, concentrating.

Mylo enters, pounces against my chair and barks, “it’s time to play!”

“No”, I say… “not now”.

Back to my work.  Leaning forward, as if sitting closer to the keyboard makes a difference.  In some way it must… my focus intensifies.

30 minutes pass.  A voice behind me breaks the silence.  Not a bark.  Not a growl.  A throat clears, as if to say, “eh-hem!”.

I turn to see Mylo near the door… staring through me with determination, while his tail sways slowly side to side.  I shake my head and grin, and turn back to my work.  Something catches my eye.  This…

mylo patience

As I was writing, Mylo did his work… bringing me all of his toys… placing them within my reach… without making a sound… just getting it done.

Instead of being patient (of the “all good things come to those who wait” style), he was perfectly impatient.  He honored the time needed, but also put in the work to be successful.  No fanfare, just quiet determination.

As we become our best self, some things will take time.  But there is more to it than that.  It’s our responsibility to continue to learn, grow, and prepare vs. excusing ourselves and just waiting for something to happen or somebody to recognize us.

And then, like Mylo… after you have done your good work, don’t be afraid to clear your throat… to let others (and yourself) know you are ready for more.

See Awesome… and keep Believing in Better!


4 thoughts on “be perfectly impatient.

  1. I see people who become impatient about it something. They can voice the dissatisfaction, unhappiness and frustration but they seldom offer a solution. Milo brought something to give you an idea and get the conversation going. Extra puppy treats!!!


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