counting drips…

rain window

When Brennan was 8-years old we heard him giggling in the back seat of our car riding to a soccer game.  I was upset the steady rain would make the game a cold, sloppy mess.  He was content.

Donna turned and asked him what was funny.  His response, “I’m playing drips”.

“Drips?”, Donna asked.

“Yep.  I put my finger on the inside of the window where a raindrop is sticking to the outside of the glass. Then, I count until a big drip runs down the window and wipes out the one I picked.  I’m up to 13!”

By all accounts it was a bad day for soccer.  He couldn’t stop the rain; he couldn’t predict what it would mean for our game; but, he could appreciate the “rainy moment” that appeared two feet away from his eyes.

We’ve chatted a lot about being present… shuffling like grandpasmelling roseshonoring those who are spending time with you.  I continue to get better at this… seeing the greatness in things around me.  But, sometimes…

Sometimes I fail to be the dad that my kids really deserve, or the husband Donna really needs.  Sometimes I feel trapped in my job – believing in myself, having no clue if others will.  Sometimes I quit doing things I know will “make me better” – and then my original flaw feels twice as heavy.  Sometimes I’m afraid of the world my kids and grandkids will live in. Sometimes nothing goes right all day.  Sometimes life just sucks.

For me, being present doesn’t mean everything is glorious all the time.  Rather, it means I’m better at knowing where I stand at every moment – good, and not so good – and why I’m there.

Pausing, and soaking everything in, gives me a chance to gain perspective and separate cause & effect, what I can control and what I cannot.

Little by little, like counting drips on a window, staying present helps my bad days not be so bad or last so long… and sometimes I even get to grin when I thought there was no reason I could.

Have a great day… and keep Believing in Better!

2 thoughts on “counting drips…

  1. Thanks David. I’m counting junk food, tacos, walks with Blueie and listening to little bitty kids yell their good byes from the playground.
    Drip. Drip. Breathe and Smile🍩 and donuts! Lol


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