one soul, two voices.

I recently stepped away from an amazing team and a great career. A long-term whisper in my head was now a full-throated voice. It said:

  • I want to make a difference.
  • I want to create more impact.
  • There’s something more to do.
  • I want to do work that has meaning and purpose.
  • I want to wake up and live my passion.

I ignored the voice for the longest time – it sounded self-centered. I’m also very practical and structured… so it was hard to visualize what I was running to. It no longer mattered… the voice convinced me to make a change… and I resigned.

A couple weeks later, I had coffee with my daughter. Lauryn asked me what I wanted in my next career. The words that came out of my mouth were not the ones that had encouraged me to make a change. They had a completely different tone and depth. I said…

  • I want to grow… and be trusted with a challenge.
  • I want to hear someone say, “I believe in you”.
  • I want to know what I do matters to someone.
  • I want to belong.
  • I want to be appreciated for just being me.

Lauryn’s simple head nod said it all – “Dad, we all want that.”

And there is your challenge for this week…

  • Trust yourself with a challenge that makes your grow
  • Encourage someone with “I believe in you”
  • Tell the janitor how nice it is to work in such a clean place
  • Sit with others and listen
  • Accept the person next to you for their uniqueness.

There are all sorts of ways we can “make a difference” and “have meaning”. Being present and acknowledging the value in others is one of the best.  Create the culture you seek.

Keep Climbing, Keep Caring… and Believe in Better!

4 thoughts on “one soul, two voices.

  1. One of the strongest compulsion is to “Judge” and over the past 4 years I have learned that I KNOW NOTHING.
    I know nothing about how the person beside me is feeling
    I know nothing about how the person beside me is dealing with pain or sorrow
    I know nothing about how the person beside me has struggled
    I know nothing about if the person beside me has a support system / family
    I know nothing about how the person beside me is financially
    I know nothing about how the person beside me cries or laughs
    I know nothing about how the person beside me loves / hates
    I know nothing about how the person beside me finds their own happiness
    I could go on about what I don’t know. But what I do know is that I have learned a
    personal lesson that a simple smile, a simple lock of the eyes, a simple “HELLO” or
    “have a nice day” could brighten someone’s day. You may not think so or see the
    results every time, but trust that what you have done is just that. It is APPRECIATION
    for just being human. It is the Acknowledgment that we all have our own struggles
    As a society we need to take control of this craziness and be kind and
    caring. My momma always told me” if you don’t have anything nice to say, then say
    nothing”. I have taken that to heart and so I just say nice things and make my
    momma proud 🙂
    We all have that need to be appreciated, what I want is that we have that need to
    appreciate others. What we need is to acknowledge that showing someone
    appreciation and kindness cost nothing! But the payout is GRAND. The feeling is
    uplifting. It just puts me in a better mood. Knowing I was “nice”. It does not have to
    be reciprocated, the joy I get from just doing it is enough for me. The challenge is
    Try it. Do it. Feel it! Make a difference.


    1. There is so much goodness in this, Denise! I love the point about reciprocity… just do it ‘cause it is right, not because you’re seeking something in return… and know/believe that the recipient will pay it forward in their own way. Regards.


  2. We all want the same thing, it is our struggle as humans. I am taking this challenge to appreciate the folks I do life with #APPRECIATION.


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