doodling on trust…

Trust is powerful.

In teams, trust speeds up decision making… empowers risk taking… engages everyone at every moment.  In relationships, trust strengthens connection and belonging and helps us think first about the best in others, not the worst.  Same goes, when we extend trust to ourselves.

So… if this “trust thing” is so awesome… how can we get more of it in our lives?

To answer that question, I went to an expert.

I sat down with Oakley, my 5 month old labradoodle to get his thoughts.


Here is what he said on the topic…

“I know I can trust you now, because …

– you knew it would take time to trust each other, and you invested yourself (one-on-one time, every day)

–  you sit down and talk at my level (usually in the grass)

–  you are consistent (start and end each day on time, plus scheduled breaks)

–  you nourish me (one cup kibble, two cups water, ear scratching, and kind words in the morning)

–  you praise me when I do things correctly (come, fetch, sit, heel)

–  you allow me to be less than perfect at some things (sorry about the slippers)

–  you give me clear direction when I need it (and, sometimes it’s pretty firm) (no need for a choke collar; just a normal collar, leash and tug when appropriate)

–  you encourage me to explore and learn (new tricks, new walking paths…)

–  you take time to just play (it’s nice to see you can roll around on the floor like me)

and most importantly,…

–  you extend trust to me!  (now I get the run of the house and I want to prove you right in that decision)


It’s hard to argue with Oakley.  Now it’s up to us… to take the time, and extend our trust — to build more of it with those around us.

Be awesome, and keep Believing in Better!



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