a box on the beach.

The journey is about becoming our best, whole self.  Becoming implies action… moving… changing.  And this takes courage… and usually, some encouragement.

We wait for inspiration or “that voice” to tell us what to do or what direction to take.  This weekend, I realized “that voice” may speak with more of a whisper than a shout… and the direction may be more of an image than an arrow.

Here’s how it happened…

IMG_3217We visited Pollee’s favorite place – Grayland Beach State Park.  We walked to the ocean one last time.  I opened her box, took a deep breath… and wondered how a vibrant life could be reduced to such a small amount of white ash.  I walked in the mist, remembering how she carefully decided how deep to wade.  This was far enough.  I set the box in the sand and watched the tide.

At first, the water rushed around the box, welcomingly nudging it.

Then, a wave.  And a burst of white in the surf!  It was if Pollee ran in all directions at once… into the air, onto the shore, and into the ocean.  No fear!  Honestly, this is the most excitement I ever witnessed from her.  Silly, dog.

I shook my head, grinned slightly… and sighed.  Reaching down, inspiration surrounded me.  Pollee was no longer a single being in one place, she was everywhere.  Unconstrained.

Pollee showed the courage to burst free.  If we want things to be different, then it is our choice, and our responsibility, to change them.  Like you, I knew this all along… but a little encouragement helps.

Listen for the whisper… it’s there, and it’s likely your own voice!  And, don’t get hung up on a specific direction… and just take a step… to become.

Keep growing… and always, Believe in Better!

4 thoughts on “a box on the beach.

  1. It’s so scary. To start. I struggle with my own complacency. I know there is more I want but…your so right about a little nudge!
    Thanks for bringing more clarity by sharing your thoughts


  2. Very inspirational! We all need to take those steps in different directions to discover more than we ever imagined. Thanks for the insights!


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