the way I see it.


I’m always amazed when I go the eye doctor and he dials in the perfect prescription, by simply asking “is 1 better, or 2… 1, or 2…?”  Then comes a moment, I begin smiling… my hears starts to pound and my responses quicken… “1, 1, 1 !!”  I swear angels start singing and everything in the world is bright, clear, and feels right.  Wow!

This week I had a similar experience (without the angel thing), when trying to make sense of life!

I realized…

core values are “corrective lenses” on life!

Like eyeglasses, here is how I think about core values…

— using them to see the world, we can be sure the clear, vibrant souls are what they appear to be… and images that remain blurry, should be avoided

— if you drop them, you quickly remember how important they really are

— they come in all sorts of shapes and colors to match the person; and, trying to wear somebody else’s can make your head hurt

— as we age, they get stronger… and are equally helpful in all sorts of scenery

— sometimes you need special ones, with extra power, for things really close to you

— if you lose track of them, you should just look on top of your head

I was going to add “remember to put them on first thing in the morning”… until this week.

My doctor fitted me with Ortho-K lenses that match my prescription, and help shape my eye.  I put them on late evening, and wear them while I sleep.  In the morning, I take them out… and, you guessed it… ANGELS! 

And with that… a few final observations around core values (and my glasses)…

I now realize I cannot go a day without them in some way.  Even when they’re not visible, they’ve already shaped who I am and how I show up.  As for blurry images… I know I need to go the other way… following  a path of clear, vibrant colors to make an even bigger impact on the world. 

That’s the way I see it.  And along the journey, I will always…

Believe in Better!

P.S. for those of you with 20/20 vision, congrats on great visual acuity! … and sorry this metaphor may not resonate with you.  🙂

6 thoughts on “the way I see it.

  1. I think when the writing on the wall becomes clearer and clearer – trust in your perspective. You often end up seeing things in a whole new light.


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