one raindrop.


I’m walking to the train.  A raindrop falls 10,000 feet. Contemplating its journey and its potential to do good – for over three minutes. Where will it land, who will it touch? The anticipation is intense!

“Plop”… as it lands on my head.

Just one raindrop… and that’s it.

The drop sighs at its destination, questioning, “Not a flower, or majestic river, or a thirsty soul?  I threw my whole self into this!”

My reaction? I quickly scan the sky, looking for “real rain”.

Hmm. We experienced the same moment, but neither grabbed it.  And I think that happens a lot.

Our world suggests success is measured in the reach and size of influence… something BIG. Yet, when it comes to people, I believe success is best measured by depth of connection & impact.

Think of a time when someone spoke to you as an individual. Acknowledging your value. Reinforcing your goodness. Humbly sharing their insights with just you. My guess is that memory is still pretty clear. That someone chose you… over many, over “more”. They chose impact.

Although not a flower, nor a river, nor thirsty… I’m incredibly inspired by a raindrop that chose me.

In the next 24 hours, focus on those right in front of you! We’ll worry about “more” later.

Everything begins with one life… in one moment… one raindrop.


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