moving day (part 2).

Reflecting back on “moving day”, I need to provide a companion view of the opportunity to be even more of your best you… a view where you fully embrace what you love most about your soul.

So often, we frame the need for “improvement” out of shame… that we are less than perfect, etc. Shame and fear hold us back… I know they do for me. And… that’s a crappy way to see ourselves. Instead…

… today, when you “move”, answer this question:

What if… I doubled down on the relationships, actions, and capabilities I already have that make me awesome in this moment?

It feels different! Right!

Be proud of who you’ve become… dismiss shame and fear… and love yourself!

2 thoughts on “moving day (part 2).

  1. So true, we are not prefect and must embrace it instead of running away. I have learned to limit my communication with those who think they are prefect.


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