moving day.

boxesI’ve lived in 39 homes in 14 states.

Every time I moved, I was forced to adapt.

Moving did something else, too.

Moving gave me a chance to change something. Friends. Hobbies. Clothes. Habits… all without judgement. Nobody in the new place knew who I was or how I was supposed to be… “normally”.

However I showed up… was normal. It was awesome!

In eighth grade, I arrived to my new school with suspenders and an enormous afro (yes, I permed the crap out of my long hair). Those who accepted me (the kids in band and art classes) were very different than those in my previous school that knew me to be clean cut, in corduroy pants and dress shirts (think young Sheldon Cooper).


If something forced a change in your life today… how would you embrace it? Would you seek out new relationships or a church? Volunteer at a local community center or school? Wear clothes you’ve always want to wear? Start an exercise or reading habit?

So… how long will you wait for something or somebody to force that change?

What if…

What if… you decided today is moving day?

 What if… you quit judging yourself, and quit allowing others to tell you what is “normal”.

 What if… you were just a bit more of your best, favorite you?

If you need help packing, drop me a line… I’ve got boxes, tape, and a truck… and some old suspenders.

10 thoughts on “moving day.

  1. you in an afro. I want… I NEED to see pictures.

    Change? oh yeah, change and adapting is what we must do. It seems the older I get the more difficult accepting the need to change. I find myself challenging the necessity to change and in some circumstances I refuse. Old guy mentality? maybe.

    But not so fast. For my entire career I have been an instigator of change. It’s usually me that is the one telling folks they must change, they must start doing it differently, do it the new way…a better way. Most accept my direction without question but others resist.

    Challenging the need to change is okay but in the end change is necessary to improve, to move forward, to keep up, to evolve, to improve.


  2. Great story & inspiring for those of us that seek change! I have lived in the same 10 mile radius small town my whole (almost 35 years of) life… I know people wherever I go; virtually every trip to the store is a reunion. I love the people, views & small town feel… but have often wondered what it was like to move to a new place, meet new people & build new relationships. The thought of such a big change is a bit intimidating… but so exciting!
    Let’s pack some boxes… can I borrow your tape?


  3. When Beth and I finally pulled the plug on the mainland and moved to Hawaii. We called it “letting of the log”. What does that mean? Metaphorically speaking we go through life with one arm wrapped around a log to keep us afloat on the “pool” of life, and the other arm to move us around. Well if you close your eyes and picture that, it’s great because your not drowning but your just floating, pretty hard to get anywhere with a big ole log attached to you. LET GO and swim, you never now how far shore is until you do it! And we found the shore very close indeed. All this to say, lean into the uncomfortable, it’s not easy and sometime no fun but boy the rewards are endless!

    Mahalo nui for some great inspiration David!


  4. Stepping outside of your comfort zone for fear you will make a mistake or regret your decisions, can be daunting. In the end, I regret most, the things I did not try.
    I’ll take a box – can you throw in some bubble wrap, it’s always fun to pop after you unpack!


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