I can hear my Mom.

Growing up, I left the door open when I ran out to play… every time… even in the winter.

If Mom was near enough the door to believe her words would reach me, she’d yell, “shut the door!… we can’t afford to heat the whole neighborhood!”  Mom passed almost 25 years ago, but she still seems present…

It’s a brisk morning today in Seattle. Just a hint of fall in the air as I drive to the train station at 4:45 am. The crispness of the air feels great in my lungs.  It foreshadows football, blue jeans & sweatshirts, apple cider, and wandering in pumpkin patches.  I find myself breathing deeply, as if this is the last time I’ll experience morning air.

Apparently, my hands begin stiffening on the steering wheel and a slight shiver ripples in my shoulders… because, instinctively, I hear myself mumble, “no problem… just kick on the heater!”

And I drive… blasting heat from the air vents, targeting my left hand gripping the steering wheel.  Coffee held high in my right hand, wakes me with every sip.  The neighborhood coolness rushes in all four windows, swirling about me… along with thoughts of how great today will be. The free-ness of the moment was like running out to play…

And then, a familiar voice. Not yelling, but softly whispering, “David?… you know,…”. I grin, and reply, “yes Mom, I know… and I will… next time! Love, ya.”

The first step to being our best self is being good – to our self.  It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being us. It’s listening to the quiet, positive voice in our mind, and knowing it is true.

As you start the week, take a minute to listen for the subtle, encouraging voice from the past… from Mom, Dad, sister, friend, teacher… or even yourself. The voice sees the best in you… and is there as a reminder… I’m right here… to be with you… just as you are!”

P.S. I’d love to hear about the quiet, encouraging voice you hear…

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