it’s at our fingertips.

This weekend, I came across a cool way to put “wanting to be happy” and “wanting to live with meaning” into perspective.  As it turned out… it was sitting right in front of me!

You see…

We are happy… when someone helps us, appreciates us, acknowledges our worth.

We have meaning… when we help others.

Each experience can happen on their own.

Our daughter senses self-worth, and is happy, when we acknowledge the special thought she put into her art project.

I feel a sense of purpose/meaning when I care for the environment… even though my grandchildren will never know my effort.

And, when meaning translates immediately back to happiness… it’s really special.  Someone helps us, we acknowledge their worth, the cycle is complete. Like this…

Baby A is our newest foster child, a few days old and just under 5 lbs.  She needs food, warmth, care, and connection.  In that, she is completely dependent on Donna and me.  And, we get to help her.  We have meaning, because of this special little girl we just met.  And then, in the blink of an eye, she acknowledges me… grabbing the tip of my finger, with her entire hand.  Cycle complete.


It’s our choice…

…to help others,

…and acknowledge others.

Happiness, and meaning… it’s at our fingertips!

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