the dehydrated worm.

Searching the scenery for inspiration on my walk this morning, I came across a dehydrated worm.  The best I can tell, this poor soul left the solace of his grass bed, seeking even wetter soil on the other side of the sidewalk.  So his journey began.  But, inches quickly became miles, in the 90-degree heat.  I wasn’t there to witness the trek, but I’m guessing the adventure ended almost as fast as it started… figuratively, evaporating in plain sight.

Hang with me… there is a point to this story!

We all have aspirations.  Things in our soul we want to do or try.  Yet there is this internal voice… and it asks questions, like “What will others say, if you look silly or fail?”  In my life, those others were neighbors, people at church, social elite, family members… you name it.

Then I learned something incredibly liberating.  The others really aren’t that into me.  They don’t have time.  They’re battling similar insecurities, their own voices.  And in rare cases where they do actually comment on my less-than-perfect self, they mean no harm… their inner voice simply wants me to stay still and not create distance from where they are stuck in life at this time.

So there you have it… you’ve arrived at milepost 0.3 on our path.  There is a lot more we will unpack here; but, the most important first step to becoming our best-self is:

Give yourself permission…

…to simply try.

…to be a beginner.

…to not fit the mold.

…to measure success on your terms, not other’s.

I know… this takes courage.  The internal voice is LOUD!  Yet the only way to silence it, is to drown it out with your new voice.

So, in the spirit of “acting our way into a new way of thinking”, here is an exercise for this milepost:

      1. Tell yourself you have permission to define your own success; create a new voice.
      2. Spend 30 minutes “doing” what you’ve always wanted to experience… just start.

(don’t know where to start?  Search YouTube for a “how to” on something you’ve wondered about trying.  And, if that old voice is so strong you don’t know what you’d want to try… start by completing this statement, “I admire people who ________.”)

  Let me know if I can help you in any way…

P.S.  Oh, and for my friend the worm.  When I leaned over and looked very closely, I saw a note he must have jotted along his adventure… it said, “dear self, you’re awesome!… you dodged a bike, avoided the little kid with a stick, enjoyed a morning in the glorious Pacific Northwest sun… this is the best day ever!”

3 thoughts on “the dehydrated worm.

  1. thanks for making me smile today. It is hard to keep trying and doing and finding ways to make myself happy but I know I always feel better when I consciously do something to make me better. Glad for your inspiration David.

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  2. My recent experience…

    I told my wife I wanted to write a book. She quickly replied, “what if the only people that buy the book are family?” Wow. Thanks, dear! That “what if” stopped me cold… until… I realized I wanted to write because it helped me be a better person today and that’s how I wanted to measure success. The book is simply a vehicle for my effort. Even more, what if only my family bought it? I’d love to have the opportunity to read thoughts from my grandfather! And maybe, my grandkids will too.

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