stop and…

Walking to the train this week, I’ve noticed a bike rider in the distance. She pulls to a stop, briefly leans to her side, and then rides off… every day. Today I was much closer, and she did it again. She wasn’t tired, nor nursing a cramp. After stopping, she leaned to her right… reached her hand toward a rose bush… slid a stem between her fingers to gently cradle the full blossom in her palm… placed her nose on the rose, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath… a deep enough breath, that I could see her shoulders rise and fall. Then she opened her eyes… grinned… and rode off. Are you kidding me? Here is a person who was actually taking time to stop and smell the roses… every day!

What I now see…

1. Being present isn’t natural.  I’ve walked this same path hundreds of times now, glanced at the flower garden, but never really paused to allow myself to soak it in. I wonder how many people we glance at every day, without soaking them in?

2. Stopping to smell the roses doesn’t require a weekend, or vacation, or retirement… just a handful of seconds. The same goes with our family, friends, and co-workers. Before retirement, and in-between time off from work, we can live special moments… and we owe ourselves the grin, and the rising and falling of our shoulders as we sigh in contentment.

I cannot wait to get on the train… and begin a walk home… a little slower than before.

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