Today, I lost a friend.


Somebody who sat next to me.

Somebody who valued my presence, or a gentle touch, more than my words.   

Somebody who found peace in the warmth of the sun and excitement in the motion of waves on Grayland Beach.

Somebody who simply loved… with seemingly no expectation or demands in return.

Yet today, when I said “good morning”, I was greeted by a stubby tail whirling like a propeller, attached to an otherwise motionless body. Movement brought unbearable pain… but the wag… it came from the soul. My mind quickly replayed favorite scenes from the last nine years. It also sought perspective.

We choose who we want around us. We can select those who bring us joy, and see us for our best. And we can be that person for others.

Sure, with people, just like dogs… sometimes there are messes to clean up. And, sometimes, what seemed important at the time gets chewed into pieces. That’s just part of the gig. But I can tell you first hand… I’ve never felt more significant than today. I chose Pollee, and she clearly chose me. 

My day ended… with a softly flicking tail, and Pollee’s soft head in my lap. Today, I lost a friend.  

2 thoughts on “Today, I lost a friend.

  1. Deepest condolences friend, some of my worst days were the days our family pet made the trek to the other side.


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